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why spain and you
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why spain and you

why spain and you

why spain and you

why spain and you
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why spain and you
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why spain and you
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why spain and you

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Adventure Romance Gastronomy Solo Girls Other

1-2 3-5 6-8 9-12 13-15 more than 15

1-2 3-5 6-8 9-12 13-15 more than 15

Yes No

Non-veg Veg Indian Only Veg and Non-Veg

Hotels Budget Apartment 4 stars and above

Full tour local guide Local guide at few locations By yourself(We provide all information)

Have a look at planning process

Spain And You is specialized in designing customized trips which are beautifully designed only for your travel desires and give you a stress-free experience.

Comprehensive Planning

Experts from Spain create your itinerary according to your dreams and passions. We offer and make your experience unforgettable and create unique journeys which cannot be replicated or forgotten, such as Honeymoon exploring beautiful beaches of Spain, doing adventure along with the group of your friends or anything else which you have thought about. Therefore the process of booking such trips requires detailed planning and more time. To make it easier for you we have created a step by step process to ensure your trip is planned the way you have thought about.

Step 1: Contacting Us

Reach us at hola@spainandyou.com or +91 9823777703. We will discuss about your travel ideas and preferences. We will understand which kind of trip you want to do and what expectation you have from your trip, dates of travel, interests, hobbies etc.

Step 2: Your Brief Journey

We will contact you back and give you a brief about the trip we have designed especially for you keeping in mind the information you have shared with us. We will share pictures of the hotels you will be staying at and other useful information. We are not partnered with any specific hotel brands or travel consortium which allows us to freely choose hotels based on our travelers’ preferences. Carving a personalized trip is very hard work and needs experts and knowledge. Hence we will need up to 5 days to come up with the brief plan and offer it to you.

Step 3: Complete Itinerary

Once you like the brief plan we have prepared for you we will go ahead and prepare a day-by-day itinerary and get you more excited for what’s going to come! This will include hotels, transportation, flights, activities and everything else. This will take up to 7 days. We can also change the itinerary here if you think you want to add more things. At this step we will need 30% of the trip cost from each member traveling to confirm the services.

Step 4: Getting Into Finer Details

In this step we get in to finer details and suggest you restaurants according to your taste preferences (even what to eat) and timings of visiting some particular places such as bars, museums, discos and other required information. We will need the remaining amount to be deposited 60 days in advance from your date of travel (If you pay 30 days in advance rates are subject to change).

Step 5: Final Documentation

Before you jet off we will send you all the final documents about booking and travel information, maps, secret routes, unknown places known to only Spanish locals and emergency contact information. You can ask us any questions or doubts you have so that you are completely relaxed and excited about the trip.

Step 6: Your Journey Begins

The day has arrived. We know you are very excited and all set to enjoy your dream trip. You will have a fantastic experience that you have always dreamt of. Our services don’t end here. While travelling you will have a 24/7 emergency line available to you.

Step 7: Your Feedback

Say Hola to India! Welcome home. We are sure you have gathered many unforgettable moments, lifetime experience and perhaps changed the way you look at the world. We will contact you for a post-journey call. Your feedback is very important for us and we would love to listen to your adventures and stories out there!

P.S: While travelling to a new place what is better than being accompanied with a native guide who appease your curiosity and explains all what goes around. Please tell us in the beginning if you want us as your guide so we can discuss about the budget.