Spain and you is a travel company specialized in Spain that focuses in giving an authentic, unique, local and above all personalized journey to Spain. We are experts in travel to Spain. We are Spanish, we know the culture, the language, the festivals, traditions, places, gastronomy and off roads that often doesn’t appear in the guides.


" Hola! We are an Indo-Spanish traveller couple who met while travelling and continues following its passion. Alba is from Barcelona (Spain). She has been travelling since she was born – Thanks to dad and mom! – and she just can’t stop doing it! She came to India attracted by culture and people and decided to stay after getting married to Utkarsh in one of her trips to India while studying Ayurveda. Nothing makes her happier than travel to Spain and share her culture, traditions, food and people to travellers who are open to see the world in a different manner. Utkarsh is from Pune, India, and he is a fun-travel-music-food lover and life enthusiastic. He has travelled to many places, but Spain has stolen his heart. He is fascinated by Spanish culture, gastronomy and landscapes. Alba and Utkarsh are both travellers, photographers and social animals who would love to have some fun with all of you while living the Spanish culture. "